Sports Illustrated has provided an update as to why Enzo Amore has backstage heat with WWE following weeks of reports with various reasons as to why the heat exists.

The video below features Amore speaking about the betrayal of his former tag team partner Big Cass and how it has affected him. Cass spoke about Amore holding him back. Given the situation Amore is now in, perhaps this was an indication of the heat he has backstage.

An emotional Enzo Amore addresses Big Cass' betrayal: Raw, July 3, 2017

It seems that the heat for Amore can’t stop drawing more heat for himself. We reported a while back that Amore had been kicked off the European Tour bus by Roman Reigns. That got worse when we reported on his behavior backstage. Now Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated has confirmed even more reasons as to why Amore has heat.

Barrasso explained that Amore has been bringing rather questionable guests into the locker room. These guests would break locker room etiquette through filming and taking pictures of the talent without permission.

The “No one likes you, Enzo” breakup promo from Big Cass was storyline replicating real life, as the promo was reportedly emulating real life drama Amore has with the locker room. While this may not personally be how Cass feels, it was what he was asked to say.

Finally, Amore has recently made news after a stripper in Buffalo, New York went on a rant via her social media. She explained that she was upset with the way Amore treated her and she believed this to be unbecoming of a WWE superstar.

Multiple sources have confirmed that Amore is on thin ice in the company. With heat seemingly on the rise, one can only expect Amore to be the subject of major criticism until he can get his act together. Sources have confirmed the locker room are very frustrated with him. This is likely why Amore was brought up on the latest ‘Bring It To The Table’ episode.

If any more news does come out on the heat with Amore, Wrestling Rumors will bring it to you here.

Editor’s Note:

I can’t make excuses for Enzo. He is an incredibly gifted guy on the microphone. Sure. But if he doesn’t have respect, he won’t be considered as being worth a damn. I would hope that he realizes this and admits the faults he has made and fix them moving forward.

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