WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair was recently interviewed by Gamespot to promote his upcoming “30 By 30” documentary on ESPN. He discussed a number of topics, including being “Ric Flair” away from the wrestling arenas, his daughter, Charlotte, and more.

Below are some questions along with “The Nature Boy’s” answers:

On being “Ric Flair” all of the time:

“That’s my problem. I never could separate them,” Flair admitted, after a long pause. “Pros and cons, man. I was pretty wrapped up in it. I couldn’t stop being Ric Flair, which is the truth. It takes a unique person to be a professional wrestler. It’s very difficult and very demanding, physically and mentally. You have to be able to separate yourself from family. You work four days a week and have three days off. I worked every day! The amount of travel is ridiculous. The work is tough. 300 mile drives between shows at night.”

See some of Ric’s greatest outbursts here:

Ric Flair's wildest outbursts

On his daughter, Charlotte:

“She’s not just the best woman, she’s the best athlete in the company,” Flair exclaimed. “She’s a level 10 gymnast. She’s a four-time All-American cheerleader. She can dead-lift 300 pounds. She can bench press 200 pounds. Have you ever seen her? She looks like a runway model! The things she can do, Rey Mysterio can do…and she’s 5’11” and 155 pounds! She’s amenities strong, I didn’t even advise her of this–with her robes and her outfits. She dresses immaculately and when she’s on the road, she’s phenomenal. The guys know that, too. There’s no better athlete in the company.”

They also talk about who he feels is the best male athlete in the company and more.

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