Sami Callihan was on the WrestlingInc podcast last week where he spoke in depth about his feelings on the Bray Wyatt vs. Finn Balor feud.

On what he thought of the Sister Abigail character:

“When I first saw the sister Abigail stuff, everyone thought it was going to be a girl that they were bringing up to the roster or someone that they were bringing back. But I actually really like what they’re doing.”

On what WWE is attempting to do with the character:

“Some people may not understand it but I’m a horror aficionado so I knew exactly what they were trying to do. They’re trying to do the same thing that they did with the movie The Skeleton Key or the same movie they did with Insidious where this person, Bray Wyatt, is a vessel for another character, this other person – this maybe witch character – this person that’s not good that’s possessing his body.”

On the idea that fans think WWE is turning Bray isnto a transgender, woman or something similar to Goldust:

“That’s just how one-sided people’s minds are. They’re not trying to do that at all. They’re legit trying to do something that’s been done in the horror genre for years upon years upon years upon years. And I’m really interested to see where it goes because he’d be something that’s really, really cool,” Callihan continues. “He’s amazing, he can make anything work. So I’m super interested to see what he does with this new character.”

If you would like to hear the audio version of Calliahn’s comments, we highly suggest you check out the video provided below.

WINC Podcast (10/11): Guest Sami Callihan, WWE SmackDown Review, Neville Leaving WWE?

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