GFW superstar Gail Kim recently participated on an “Impact” media conference call, and was asked about her departure from WWE back to TNA in 2008.

Below are some highlights from the call, courtesy of Wrestling Inc.:

On leaving TNA to return to WWE:

“It was great because you just never know what will happen when a company brings in 10 girls all at once, it can probably get ugly in some instances,” she said. “It was just this magical thing that happened, all these girls just kind of clicked and had their own personality or character. You saw girls from Awesome Kong to Sheely Martinez with LAX, then myself and Jackie Moore and Roxxi Laveaux. It was just a wide, vast array of characters, and we all had our different wrestling styles.

“It was hard to leave at that time, I literally balled my eyes out because I didn’t want to leave,” she continued. “It was just a business decision at that time, and I had talked to every single person in the office and they understood my decision. Hey, I ended up back home though, so it all worked out.”

Gail Kim Sets Timeline For Her Retirement From Competition | #IMPACTICYMI July 13th, 2017

On her favorite matches from her time in TNA/GFW:

“I might meet people through my husband (celebrity chef Robert Irvine) at events and they’re like, ‘Oh, you’re a pro-wrestler? I have to Google you,’ and I’d say, ‘Don’t watch my WWE matches! Go watch some TNA matches,'” she said. “I would say my top three favorite matches of all time would be with Awesome Kong, I had a no-disqualification pay-per-view match, it was Final Resolution, so I’m very proud of that match with her. And of course with Taryn (Terrell), the Last Knockout Standing match and the ladder match. All of those matches just came with the perfect build, we really took our time with all of that and I’m just really proud of them.”

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