Jinder Mahal has now denied reports that he is injured, also issuing a ‘WrestleMania‘ challenge during a livestream, according to WrestlingInc.

The most recent issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that WWE Champion Mahal was dealing with a shoulder injury. This likely came from Mahal not wrestling often coupled with the Kinesio Tape at live events.

During an interview on ESPN, Mahal denied the rumors of the proverbial injury:

“I don’t have an injury. Those are just rumors. I have large traps and that causes my shoulders to roll forward so when I tape them up, it just pulls my shoulders back and I start to develop my rear shoulders more. My traps are a bit too strong so it puts me out of balance. So it is just to prevent future injuries.”

Here is a photo by Ryan Sours on Twitter showing Mahal with the tape:


Additionally, in promotion of the India tour for WWE, Mahal did a Twitter Q&A via the WWE india Twitter account. He made a ‘WrestleMania’ challenge to 16 time World Champion John Cena during it:

“At WrestleMania 34 I would like to face John Cena for my WWE Championship. It could happen because I fully intend on being WWE Champion come WrestleMania and even after WrestleMania. So John Cena, let’s say that this is an official challenge to you.”

If you want to take a flashback to when Mahal first won the title by defeating Randy Orton at ‘Backlash‘ earlier this year, we highly suggest you check out this quick video.

Randy Orton vs. Jinder Mahal - WWE Title Match: WWE Backlash 2017 (WWE Network Exclusive)

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