Finn Balor

  • WRESTLING RUMOR: Big Turn Planned To Set Up New Judgment Day Member

    Send him over. There are a lot of ways to freshen a wrestler up in a short amount of time, with one of the best known being a simple turn....

    NewsMay 16, 2022
  • How Sweet It Is: New Super Team Seems To Form On WWE Monday Night Raw

    NewsMay 3, 2022
  • Finn Balor Pokes Fun At Bobby Lashley Over Recent Mid-Match Accident

    He has some experience. There are some things that you will see in wrestling which you just do not see happening in other sports. That can often be due to...

    NewsMay 2, 2022
  • BREAKING: Title Change Takes Place On Monday Night Raw

    In reality. There are certain situations where you can tell that a new wrestler is going to be a star from the moment you see him. It can be something...

    NewsApril 18, 2022
  • Maybe? A WrestleMania Title Match That Didn’t Seem Likely May Still Be Happening

    I hope they put it in pencil. WrestleMania 38 is less than a week away and that means that the card should be all set up. That is the case...

    NewsMarch 28, 2022
  • Two Reigning WWE Champions Likely To Miss WrestleMania 38

    I guess they have no path. WrestleMania is the most important show of the year in WWE and being on the card can be a huge boost to someone’s career....

    NewsMarch 26, 2022
  • KB’s Review: That Would Be Stupendous

    BlogsMarch 23, 2022
  • WATCH: Finn Balor Explains His Recent WWE Absence

    It’s a good excuse. WWE has a rather diverse roster with wrestlers from all over the world. That can make for some interesting matchups as you can see different styles...

    NewsMarch 17, 2022
  • Here Are Some More Matches To Expect For WrestleMania 38

    More to come as they say. With just over three weeks to go before WrestleMania 38, it is time for WWE to have announced most of the card. That is...

    NewsMarch 12, 2022
  • Turn And Turn: Monday Night Raw Title Change Sets Up Heel Turn

    History has been made! Titles have been one of the key points in wrestling since the beginnings of the sport and they will continue to be for a long time...

    NewsMarch 1, 2022