According to Pro Wrestling Unlimited, Bubba Ray/Bully Ray took to the ring at the Chicago Ring of Honor ‘Global Wars‘ show where he got on the microphone and announced his retirement from in-ring competition.

Not too long ago, it was revealed by Ray that he may have to retire due to head trauma he suffered at the previous ROH pay-per-view.

Last night, he made his way to the ring following a match between Kushida & Cheeseburger vs. The Addiction, putting Kazarian through a table.

Ray would explain he and D-Von set a table on fire back in 1999 and put someone through the table in that same building.

He would then explain that it’s about time for him, which drew a lot of boos. The crowd started chanting his name, thanking him. He soaked it in and thanked the fans.

He explains his favorite place to wrestle has always been Chicago, before calling a young boy into the ring. He took a piece of the broken table and handed it to him. He said the boy represents the fans, thanking him with a hug and never forget this night. The boy returned to his seat and held up the piece of the table.

He said that was the final table that he will ever break. He thanked everyone, before leaving.

While not physically using the word “retirement,” Ray did appear to be doing just that. He owns the ‘3D Academy’ school with D-Von, so he isn’t completely leaving the industry, just retiring from competition.

If you would like to hear an audio explanation, we highly suggest watching the original report by Pro Wrestling Unlimited which we have featured below.

Bully (Bubba) Ray Retires From The Ring

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