According to WrestlingInc, Dana Brooke has created a new non-profit foundation named after her recently deceased boyfriend Dallas McCarver.

The video below is highly recommended by us as it features Brooke and Aaron Singerman, who is one of their friends. Brooke is clearly distraught and holding back her tears as the two of them explain that the foundation is and say that McCarver was working towards this before his death. If you do have ANY intention in donating, we suggest watching this video.

Dallas McCarver Foundation

The organization aims to raise money to help provide food, clothing, toiletries, books and school supplies to children in need. Brooke is working alongside Singerman who is the CEO of REDCON1. This whole foundation was based on something McCarver had been working towards before his death. Brooke had the following to say during the video:

“Everytime he [McCarver] got a new pair of tennis shoes, he would donate one to children. rom Dallas looking below on us, this is something that he would love – to give back to kids. From our side, we would love for you to do that as well.”

The foundation has launched a GoFundMe with a $150K goal in Brooke’s real name of Ashley Sebera. As of writing, they have raised $22K of their goal.

If you would like to donate, you can do so here.

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