• Oh No: Former Impact Wrestling Star Arrested For Violating Order of Protection Involving Wife

    That’s not good. There are all kinds of wrestlers in the world today, several of whom have been seen in a variety of promotions. It can be interesting to see...

    NewsMarch 14, 2023
  • Bad News: WWE Superstar Reportedly Arrested Last Month Over Firearm Charge

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  • Former WWE Star Gets Very Good Legal News

    That’s a good step forward. Wrestlers are larger than life characters who are regularly on television doing things that no one else would ever do in regular life. That can...

    NewsSeptember 20, 2022
  • WATCH: Police Officers Draw Weapons On Jeff Hardy During Arrest

    That’s a rough one to watch. While he is certainly a very talented wrestler, Jeff Hardy also has some issues outside the ring. Unfortunately some of these are legal issues...

    NewsJune 15, 2022
  • It Gets Worse: More On Jeff Hardy’s Arrest, Off Of AEW TV

    It gets bigger. There are very few modern wrestling stars on the level of Jeff Hardy. After one of the most successful tag team careers in history, Hardy went on...

    NewsJune 14, 2022
  • VIDEO: Footage Released From Jimmy Uso’s DUI Arrest, Uso Swears At Police Officer

    That doesn’t make it better. Wrestlers are like anyone else in that they have personal issues that take place behind the scenes. Some of these are more prominent than others...

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  • More Details On Sunny’s Arrest, Threatened To Kill Partner With Scissors

    NewsJanuary 16, 2022
  • Former Wrestling Star Arrested Earlier This Week

    It’s an unfortunate mistake. Wrestlers are a unique group of people as they are TV stars who are supposed to make you believe that they are larger than life characters...

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  • Roman Reigns Opens Up On Jimmy Uso’s DUI Arrest

    He would know. There are a lot of wrestlers on the WWE roster and sometimes they make headlines for the wrong reasons. It could be anything from a minor deal...

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  • Several New Details On Jimmy Uso’s Arrest

    It isn’t looking good. There are certain moments in wrestling that go far beyond what you see on television and in the ring. These are often a lot more serious...

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