The Big Show was interviewed by Sports Illustrated where he spoke on WWE rushing their stories, his opinion on Braun Strowman and potentially going to the indies.

Show first spoke about potentially working on commentary for WWE.

“That’s definitely a possibility. That’s something I’ve discussed quite heavily with Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and JBL. I need to sit down with Vince and Hunter to see what’s next for the Big Show. Vince is all about giving opportunity, and Hunter is, too. Doing color commentary to help get the talent over is not something I’m opposed to doing. I could speak from my experience, but my number one goal would be to highlight why you should pay attention to what you are seeing in the ring.”

The former Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal winner than spoke about the possibility of going to the indies. He also made reference to former ROH Champion Cody Rhodes, who originally became a household name through WWE before asking for his release.

“That’s never crossed my mind, and it’s something I’ve never been asked. But let’s be clear–I don’t have the talent that Cody Rhodes has. I think Cody is one of the most underrated and underused talents that we ever let go. I was a huge fan of Cody, his ideas, and what he could have brought to the table, and I’m so happy that his success outside of WWE has been so good. Sometimes in this business, you have to go away to come back. You have to find out who you are. For me, at this stage in the game, I’m enjoying helping the next generation. I did everything I could to pass the torch to Braun. I had a hip resurfaced a couple months ago, so Vince and Hunter want me to finish on my main goal, which is getting healthy. Then we’ll discuss my future. There are a lot of projects I want to do with producing and acting outside of wrestling. As far as an indie run, I don’t know, but you never say never.”

Finally, Show was asked about stories in professional entertainment feeling more rushed and how the writing affected his feud with Strowman.

“Sometimes, when stories are rushed or put together too fast, people can’t enjoy them. That’s the only criticism I have with our industry right now, it’s really tough to build stories like we used to. The writing was on the wall for my fight with Braun Strowman, because he looked like my replacement as the next dominant giant. When I came out in ’95, even though it was part of the storyline, I was known as the next evolution of Andre, the next giant. I was that young, athletic, trash-talking monster. That was my introduction to the industry, and I was able to build on that. Braun Strowman is the next evolution of that monster. He’s athletic and explosive. I think Kane is fantastic, but I don’t think people were ready for the angle between Kane and Braun or their match. Technically, psychologically, mechanically, there is nothing wrong with the matches, but people don’t like the story of the two opponents in the match. The crowd hasn’t been able to get into it yet, but with social media and our business, criticism is going to be a lot more prevalent.”

Back in September on ‘Raw,’ Strowman and Show faced off in a Steel Cage match. We have provided the video of their match below. Strowman is seriously impressive!

Big Show vs. Braun Strowman - Steel Cage Match: Raw, Sept. 4, 2017

Would you like to see Show compete on the independent circuit or as a color commentator in WWE? Do you often feel that companies like WWE rush their stories?

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