The Ultimate Warrior passed away nearly two weeks ago now, but the fallout from his death is still being felt by the wrestling community.

Shortly after Warrior’s death, Diamond Dallas Page appeared on CNN personality Nancy Grace’s talk show, where she blasted the wrestling community for drug usage and steroid prominence. She then listed off a name of wrestlers who had died young, implying someone like Owen Hart had died due to using drugs.

During the show, she also insinuated that Warrior’s cause of death was brought on from steroid and drug abuse, even bringing in a non-affiliated doctor to discuss how it likely was.

But TMZ reports that WWE has not taken the appearance gracefully. The report states that WWE has essentially blacklisted anyone associated with the company brand to not appear on her show or associate themselves with her. The outlet states that while no official memo has been sent out, this is the impression going around backstage.

Ultimately, it was revealed that Warrior suffered a heart attack. The appearance can be found below.

Editor’s Note

Obviously, there is very little sympathy to have for Grace here. And part of me thinks she doesn’t care very much, either.

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