WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has taken to his blog this week after a brief hiatus. Ross was overseas working “Wrestle Kingdom 9” on behalf of Global Force Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling. Below are some of the highlights from his page.

Ross discussed the quality of the show:

“The final three bouts of the show were as good as I can recall broadcasting in years. Great in ring psychology, a logical pace, uniqueness from match to match, physicality to an almost uncomfortable degree to watch degree and crisp execution. They reminded me somewhat of the WM25 bout between HBK and Undertaker, Bret Hart vs. Stone Cold at WM13 and a handful of Flair-Steamboat bouts. Emotion, execution, and energy all in place with that magnificent, New Japan physicality. It was a fan’s dream.”

He touched on AJ Styles and the popularity of The Bullet Club:

“AJ Styles has raised the level of his game and is arguably one of the top 10 wrestlers in the world today for my money. If AJ doesn’t become the IWGP Heavyweight Champion again in 2015, I will be shocked. The Bullet Club, think nWo or DX, is selling tons of merchandise and that’s no exaggeration. It’s reminiscent of the hottest days of Steve Austin as it relates to merchandise. It’s everywhere….and they are largely heels.  The Bullet Club is a creative masterpiece and displays classic booking. Japanese fans are no different than many North American fans inasmuch as they enjoy some of the antics of the villains.”    

Ross also briefly discussed his thoughts on WWE adding Seth Rollins to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at “Royal Rumble:”

“Smart booking by WWE to add Seth Rollins to the WWE Title Bout to be held at the Royal Rumble on Sun January 25 in Philly. With Champ Brock Lesnar, #1 contender John Cena, and now Rollins all in the match could we see the WWE Title change hands twice in one night? Never say never, right?”

More from the blog can be found here.

Editor’s Note

He’s dead on about The Bullet Club. It’s the hottest thing in wrestling right now, and many mainstreamers have no idea it even exists.


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