Global Force Wrestling principle owner Jeff Jarrett recently appeared as a guest on Ring Rust Radio and discussed multiple topics related to GFW and TNA Wrestling.

In the interview, he spoke at liberty on a possible invasion angle between GFW and TNA, and says he is open-minded to co-branded programming:

“The word invasion is kind of been there and done that in my opinion. Certainly you can already see that Bobby Roode is coming to Vegas next Friday for the first ever set of ‘Amped’ tapings and he is under contract with TNA. Eric Young was just with us this weekend. We are in discussions of the next steps of this business agreement. Global Force Wrestling and TNA wrestling, whether it’s a co-branded show, a co-promoted show, a collaboration, that’s all in discussion right now and I am reporting it in real time as much as I can. As a wrestling fan myself, this kind of stuff excites me because you just don’t see this nowadays. Years ago you had hand shake agreements between promoters, you had Ric Flair as a traveling champion, and Dory Funk working for multiple promotions. Once the territory system went away, you were left with the big two of WWE and WCW. Then you were down to the big one, just being WWE. Then you had had TNA and Ring of Honor come around with every promotion acting like an island. WWE can do that since they have north of 90 percent of the market share. You have all the smaller promotions fighting and clawing for that brand identity. I believe with GFW and our mission statement, we want to have a working relationship with any and all promotions because rising tides raise all ships. I went out and formed the relationships that I have had over the years and made them more formal with New Japan and AAA and around the globe with the independent promotions in Europe, South Africa and Australia.”

He also spoke on what the payoff would be of an invasion:

“End of the day and this may sound cliché, if the wrestling fans benefits, then nine times out of 10, the promotion will benefit. There was chatter about Karen and I coming back to that promotion, and that created positive chatter for TNA. That fed into the positive chatter for GFW including Bobby and Eric and all of that helps the promotion. As we move along, it helps create brand awareness and creating a little bit of that mystique. End of the day, people want to see fantastic professional wrestling and that should be everyone’s common goal. That’s what we are headed for and that is fantastic professional wrestling.”

The entire interview can be heard here.

Photo courtesy: Global Force Wrestling

Editor’s Note

It seemed inevitable this could be where it’s headed. I wouldn’t be surprised. 


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