This week’s episode of WWE Smackdown was pre-taped on Tuesday, and is set to air in the United States on Friday, at 8PM EST.

WWE Smackdown

-MizTV opens the show, as The Miz welcomes his guest, Fandango. Wade Barrett came out to question him after what happened on Monday Night Raw this week. This led to the inevitable match between being set up.

(1) The Miz def. Wade Barret. Fandango danced at ringside throughout the match, until Miz attacked him resulting in a DQ finish. Barrett hit Fandango with the Bullhammer after the match.

-Kane and Daniel Bryan argue once again over who is the weak link in their team.

(2) Daniel Bryan def. Jack Swagger. Bryan mad him tap out with the No Lock, and refused to let go of the hold. Kane forced him to break it up, and looked frustrated after the match.

(3) Chris Jericho def. Big Show. They fought on the outside, and Jericho caught the giant with a Codebreaker, sending Show over the barricade. Jericho made it back into the ring by a count of ten, to win.

-Paul Heyman came out for a rare Smackdown appearance, and put over his new client.

(4) Curt Axel def. Sin Cara. The blue mood lighting is back for this match, which Axel won in a basic squash. He used his old swinging neckbreaker to get the finish.

(5) Kofi Kingston def. Dean Ambrose. This match didn’t actually happen, as The Shield came out and attacked Kingston. Sheamus and Randy Orton made a save, to set up our real main event.

(6) The Shield def. Kofi Kingston, Randy Orton & Sheamus. Ambrose got the win over Kingston with the Headlock DDT.

-The Shield attempted to beat down on the faces after the match, but Team Hell No made the save. The faces stood tall to send Smackdown off the air.


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