It is being reported by multiple sources that WWE Executive Triple H and former WWE Champion Dwayne “The Rock” Bottom have been influencing the re-debut of WWE’s new Curtis Axel character. Axel – formerly Michael McGillicutty – is a third generation WWE Superstar and son of Curt Hennig.

Hennig, also known as Mr. Perfect, was very influential in the early career of Triple H, managing him and helping Hunter work his way up the roster. The Rock has been working closely with Curtis Axel, and has exclusively been using the young talent to prepare for both of his WrestleMania matches against John Cena.

You can see the obvious signs of Triple H and The Rock’s influence on Axel’s new push, as he was debuted under Paul Heyman, who successfully executed a viral campaign for a “third Heyman guy”, and was immediately given a main event on Raw against none other than The Game himself. Not only does this new character bring a fresh face to the WWE landscape, but it gives Paul Heyman something to do while CM Punk nurses his injuries, and Brock Lesnar takes time off until his likely return at SummerSlam.


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