“Stone Cold” Steve Austin revealed on a recent podcast that the beers be guzzled in the ring were, in fact, always real–with one notable exception.

But the story doesn’t stop there, because Austin went on to talk about how he worked hard to get some reluctant superstars buzzed in the ring.

Goldberg didn’t drink, and the beer-loving Texan couldn’t abide this affront. When the two partnered, Austin would toss the big man beers, knowing he’d have to drink them to keep up the gimmick.

The clip below shows one such incident–along with Goldberg spitting out the unwanted alcohol.

I wonder how CM Punk would’ve reacted to the dismissal of his straight-edge lifestyle?

Should the diss culminate at WrestleMania? That’s not likely, but what’s to stop some speculation? Sound off in the comments, or on Facebook!


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