Being part of any season of WWE “Tough Enough” isn’t easy. During the current season, odds are especially stacked against the 13 competitors on the show, as fans are voting for who they want to see stay, and who they want to see go home.

Following the results of the July 21 edition of “Tough Enough,” one of the contest’s believed-to-be front-runners was voted off the docket. Even though he was eliminated from competition, reports began to state that WWE wanted to keep the young man in their midst. However, “Tough Enough” contestant Patrick Clark Jr. refutes the claim that WWE offered him a developmental contract following his elimination.

Clark Jr. was the latest contestant to be voted off the show, and to a degree of controversy. Many watching the season from the beginning thought Clark Jr. probably had more passion for Sports Entertainment and Professional Wrestling than anyone else on the program. WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley even stated that he was through watching the show after Clark Jr.’s elimination, stating that this season is nothing more than a “popularity contest,” which is not how you want to go about picking a WWE superstar.

During the latest edition of “Wrestling Observer Radio,” Bryan Alvarez claimed that WWE had offered Clark Jr. a developmental deal, but he refused to sign it, because he didn’t want to relocate to Orlando, Florida to begin at the WWE Performance Center. However, if this was his mindset, why would he even be participating in the “Tough Enough” competition in the first place?

Clark Jr. took to Twitter to say that Alvarez’s report is false, saying,



He also took to Periscope to discuss the rumors of him turning down a WWE developmental contract, which you can find here.

Editor’s Note:

I mean…OBVIOUSLY he wouldn’t turn down a deal…THAT’S WHAT HE WAS FIGHTING FOR ON THE SHOW. Simple logic disputes that report. Period.


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