CM Punk made an appearance during the April 23 Chicago Cubs game on-screen just before the first pitch got underway. April 23, 2014 was Wrigley Field’s 100 birthday, and Punk was one of the many celebrities and former sports stars that were apparently shown on-screen expressing their feelings towards the park and its anniversary.

Punk is a mainstay at Wrigley Field during Major League Baseball season. Whenever he can make a game, he does. In a recent video shot for the 100 anniversary of Wrigley Field opening its gates, Punk recorded a video message explaining what he loves about the Cubs, Chicago, and the historic location.

Punk has made very selective appearances in public since his abrupt departure from WWE occurred in Jan. Outside of his most recent Wrigley Field exposure, Punk has been spotted at a few other sporting events as well. However, his most in-depth appearance came on March 16 when he appeared on the popular AMC television show, “The Talking Dead.” At no point has Punk mentioned his current relationship with WWE, and even went by his real name, Phil Brooks, during “The Talking Dead.”

He also favorited a tweet this week, stirring up the first activity on the Social Media Network since his Jan. 27 departure from WWE. He favorited a picture of two little kids dressed up as him and the late, great, Ultimate Warrior.

The only time Punk has been mentioned on WWE programming since he stepped away from the company has been from the mouth of his former manager Paul Heyman. Heyman addressed Punk’s absence in Punk’s hometown of Chicago, and then referenced Punk during pre-and-post press conferences regarding the Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar battle from WrestleMania XXX.

No one knows for sure what Punk’s actual status with WWE is. He is still getting royalty checks from merchandise sales, which is something “Stone Cold” Steve Austin claims he did not get when he breached his contract in 2002. This is why he believes Punk and Vince McMahon must have come to terms with some kind of deal for Brooks.

Editor’s Note: 
Wrigley is his favorite place to be because of the people there. WWE is not his favorite place to be because of the people there. That’s why he’d rather be at Wrigley.


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