is reporting that there is currently major heat on Dixie Carter for the direction that TNA is currently headed in, alongside some of the logistical operations the company has had ongoing.

The report states that Carter recently held a meeting in Nashville with many company officials, looking for the cause of low morale in TNA. One of the big reasons is said to be that there is very little confidence in TNA’s current contract status with Spike, which expires in October. The last time it was in a situation like this, the deal was cut long beforehand. This has created worry over its television future.

Alongside, PWInsider mentions that there is concern over “Big” John Gaburick’s creative stature, as he is seen as a man with little creative experience but is still leading the way. Wrestling Rumors noted last week that it is simultaneously believed that Vince Russo is involved in the booking process within the company, but is taking a backseat to Gaburick’s team.

Janice Carter, Dixie’s mother, and Panda Energy lawyers also reportedly visited the headquarters in person to discuss business matters, which worried people. According to the report, there is a strong sentiment of doubt in Dixie, who is said to always be reflecting on what “could” have happened rather than what they can do next.

This combined with the depleted morale from talent being cut, and there is a mess currently within the TNA structure.

Editor’s Note

Should any of this come as surprising at this point? TNA is a stagnant organization. Competition is good, but there is massive incompetence right now in the upper brass.

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