Tonight’s episode of Smackdown Live emanates from the Wright State University Nutter Center in Dayton, Ohio. Here’s what we can expect for tonight’s show:

How will Carmella’s controversial Money in the Bank Ladder Match victory be addressed?

Without a doubt, the most talked about moment from “Money In The Bank” was the controversial ending to the first ever women’s MITB ladder match. The ending saw James Ellsworth climb up the ladder, take the briefcase and hand it to Carmella.

I still see nothing wrong with this. Not only did Carmella not break any rules, but if the roles were reversed and a woman helped a man win the contract, nobody would be saying anything. Plus, the finish gives us a reason to tune in this coming week, to see what happens. WWE did their job perfectly.

Either way, I expect this feud to continue tonight, with perhaps a major match being set up for “Battleground.”

Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match: WWE Money in the Bank 2017 (WWE Network Exclusive)

The Lone Wolf reigns as Mr. Money in the Bank

As many people predicted, Baron Corbin ascended the ladder and retrieved the “Money In The Bank” briefcase, guaranteeing him a title shot anytime in the next calendar year. While I don’t think he will be cashing in anytime soon, I expect that his feud with Shinsuke Nakamura will rev up and get going on tonight’s show.

Will The Viper be looking for payback on Mahal?

The ending of the WWE Championship match was controversial, as once again, Jinder Mahal used the Singh Brothers to aid him in his championship match against Randy Orton at “Money In The Bank.” Once again, I feel that this feud is not over, and we could get another match between the two at “Battleground;” one where the Brothers cannot interfere. Maybe a steel cage match?

Will Mike & Maria Kanellis bring the power of love to Tuesday nights?

Another one of the most talked about moments of “Money In The Bank” was the debut of Mike and Maria Kanellis to the “Smackdown Live” brand. Honestly, I’m not sure what their first feud will be, but I could see them going against someone like Tye Dillinger or Dolph Ziggler, depending on if they will be heels or faces.

Mike & Maria Kanellis arrive with the "power of love": WWE Money in the Bank 2017 (WWE Network)

Daniel Bryan returns to SmackDown LIVE tonight

All of the above questions will be answered by Daniel Bryan who is returning tonight to “Smackdown Live,” after taking some time away to take care of his new baby!

What do you think will happen tonight on “Smackdown Live?” Leave us a comment below, or post a comment on our Facebook page!




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