If all else fails, bring your entire army and beat the enemy senseless.

WWE has posted a new YouTube video, where they show some of the most dominant invasions of all time. These are the times when superstars make their presence felt in other promotions, on other brands, etc.

This video is coming off of “Smackdown Live’s” recent invasion of “Raw,” where they put the red brand “Under Siege.”

You can see the full video below:

Shocking Superstar raids: WWE Top 10

Some of the memorable moments include:

  • ECW’s variations invasions of “Raw”
  • The Nexus dismantling the “Raw” set
  • nWo converting “Nitro” into their own show
  • The debut of The Shield
  • Daniel Bryan’s “Occupy Raw”
  • DX invading WCW’s “Nitro”

Editor’s Note:

Man, did this bring back a lot of nostalgia for me. It is always shocking when a major invasion angle takes place, and re-living some of these moments from childhood was a lot of fun. I’m not sure how “Raw” will retaliate on “Smackdown Live” leading up to “Survivor Series” this year, but it will definitely make for interesting programming in the next few weeks!

Which invasion angle was your favorite? Leave us a comment below, or post a comment on our Facebook page!



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