Jimmy Jacobs was on the Live Audio Wrestling podcast where he spoke about his firing from WWE and if he expected it and what his opinions on the company are.

Jacobs first comments on how he feels after being fired:

“I’m really not sweating much of any of it. I’m not sweating any of it. The WWE is not a final destination for anybody. The living, breathing, moving organism machine is a place where you drop by; had a great 2 ½ years, did some pretty fun stuff, but I’m excited to do other things in my life now.”

He would continue by commenting on whether he believed he would stay with WWE for good:

“Six months ago was a crazy time. If you asked me 2 ½ years ago when I started with WWE, I would have said absolutely told you final destination, for sure. Six months ago, no.”

He explained that after time he gained an appreciation for life outside of WWE:

“I had a great time working for WWE, but a lot of things happened in my life, and working there was a cool experience but WWE is great, but it’s not the end all, be all in the world. You dedicate eighteen years of your life to something thinking that WWE is the mecca of something; in our business it is the top draw, that is where the money is made and most fans see.”

“Guys would leave WWE or quit WWE voluntarily I used to think; what are you doing? There’s nothing else out there, WWE is it; but then when you work there you realize that there is other things out there, and I grew an appreciation for my time on the independence for the guys that go out there as independent wrestlers and what they are doing, and it really gave me a perspective for my time in the business, and a perspective for my time in life.”

Finally, he comments on whether he saw himself being fired beforehand:

“I didn’t sense it, but i was ready to be me again regardless of circumstance. If they weren’t going to fire me I was going to walk in there with my ears pierced, with my hair; there’s a certain way things are done there, but it’s nice to have my freedom back by painting my fingernails, piercing my ears; it’s like the Zombie coming out of the grave again. Jimmy Jacobs is back from the dead.”

If you would like to hear the audio version of the comments Jacobs made, you can listen/view the video here:

JIMMY JACOBS on Bullet Club photo: “No mistake was made” | THIS SUNDAY on THE LAW

Did you expect him to be fired for taking the Bullet Club picture? Did you watch Jacobs before WWE?

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