Is it OK to interrupt the power of love? Sami Zayn seems to think so.

Last night on “Smackdown Live,” Mike and Maria Kanellis were sharing the power of their love with the WWE Universe. However, this proclamation was interrupted by Zayn, who headed to the ring for his match with Baron Corbin.

Is Sami Zayn embracing Mike & Maria's power of love?: SmackDown LIVE, June 27, 2017

Mike and Maria Kanellis made their debut at “Money In The Bank,” and are currently running a gimmick about how they are in love and want to share it with the world. Before that, they were main fixtures in TNA. Neither has competed on a match on the main roster yet.

Editor’s Note:

I would be completely OK with this being the first feud for Kanellis on the main roster. His history as a performer in the ring is well documented, and Zayn has always been one of the more reliable performers that WWE has. I would imagine that the chemistry between the two would be fantastic, and I look forward to seeing them compete on “Smackdown Live!”

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