One battle for two titles. WWE has posted a new video to its YouTube channel in which they show the full Tables, Ladders and Chairs match between Randy Orton and John Cena from TLC 2013. This match unified the WWE Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship.

You can see the match in its entirety below:


Now moving in slow motion after the physical trauma he had been subjected to, the World Heavyweight Champion made his way up the ladder. Yet, Orton — rising again like the monster in a horror movie — ripped the ladder out from under him. The Cenation leader made the mistake of holding onto the hanging apparatus, which only allowed for The Viper to bash him with a steel chair like he was teeing off on a piñata.

The most pivotal moment in this historic match came moments after Cena drove Orton through a table with a desperate tackle. Clearly, the act took something out of both men — possibly more out of Cena — but it sent Orton to the outside, where he retrieved a pair of handcuffs he had brilliantly hidden under a ringside mat.

Employing an enviable bit of strategy, The Viper shackled The Champ to the bottom rope before taunting his opponent with the hubris of a James Bond villain. After tossing the keys into the audience, Orton slowly moved up the ladder, but he failed to notice what Cena was doing down below.

Ingeniously unscrewing the bottom turnbuckle, The Champ was able to move about the ring — although he was still connected to the rope — and knock Orton down. The Viper fought back, though, grabbing the rope that was still hooked to Cena’s arm and yanking it with all his might. The Cenation leader struggled, but he was unable to overpower Orton with one arm. Ultimately, Cena was yanked from the top and driven face-first into the edge of a wooden table.

The ugly impact knocked the World Heavyweight Champion into next week. With his greatest opponent out cold underneath him, Orton began his climb once again. When he reached the top, he savored the moment, taking what felt like minutes to unlatch the two most important championships in sports-entertainment history.

Editor’s Opinion:

Two of the best of all time in perhaps one of the greatest rivalries of all time. This match delivered, as every match between these two do.

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