Roman Reigns recently spoke with CBS Sports to promote his match with John Cena this Sunday at “No Mercy.” They discussed a number of topics, including their relationship, a wardrobe malfunction on his zipper and more.

Below are some highlights from the interview:

On his relationship with John Cena:

“I’ll be completely honest: Me and John have always been cordial, but I would not say we are close friends by any means,” Reigns told CBS Sports during an exclusive interview on this week’s “In This Corner” podcast. “There is a business respect, but I think that’s what makes this so special that we’re truly competing against each other and I think people see that.

“But it’s not like a situation where I’m taking anything he says to heart because I don’t really care what he thinks about me. If you care for someone and they knife you, it’s going to hurt. It will hurt your feelings and can depress you. But when you don’t really care about somebody or their opinion, it doesn’t affect you. And that’s how it is with me and John.”

Roman Reigns challenges John Cena to a fight, live on Raw: Raw, Sept. 4, 2017

On the wardrobe malfunction on his zipper in a segment with Cena:

“The funny thing is, my zipper literally broke like two minutes before I was walking out,” Reigns explained on the podcast. “Usually I do a last-minute check. Do I have boogers in my nose? Any like weird hair conditioner on my ears? Is my zipper up? I kind of push and normally you’ll check your zipper to make sure the teeth are right in place. I actually pushed right through it.

“The actual zipper handle popped off, and once that happens, you have to go out there in two minutes. It’s not like I’m just wearing trunks or something. I’ve got blousing straps at the bottom, and I would have to take everything off in order to get new pants on.”

They also discuss Reigns’ promo skills, his future and more.

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