According to WrestlingInc, via a fan who was in attendance at ‘Raw‘ this week, Roman Reigns had an emotional, touching moment with a fan.

Before ‘Raw’ this week, Reigns granted a Make-A-Wish for a fan by the name of Ryan Kelepi. Kelepi was ringside during the show.

After Reigns was victorious in the dark match of the evening after ‘Raw’, he took off his remaining glove and handed it to Kelepi. As Kelepi started to well up, Reigns bent over and spoke to him. It is noted that Reigns said “We are brothers now,” though it is unknown if he said anything else.

The following Instagram video showcases Reigns handing the glove to Kelepi and speaking to him.

Reigns will face John Cena this weekend at ‘No Mercy’, which airs live on the WWE Network. If you aren’t signed up for the Network yet, be sure to do so for a free trial. The pay-per-view looks absolutely packed.

In the lead up to their match this weekend, Reigns gave the final point in his promo as Cena was not at ‘Raw’. We highly recommend you watch the video if you didn’t see or to hype yourself up for this massive ‘WrestleMania’ worthy match.

Roman Reigns delivers a parting shot to "movie star" John Cena: Raw, Sept. 18, 2017

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