The “Hall of Pain” will be added to the Hall of Fame.

It was reported earlier today by USA Todaythat WWE superstar Mark Henry will officially be entering the company’s Hall of Fame as a part of the Class of 2018.

Henry has had a storied and lengthy career, that has spanned over 20 years. One of his finest moments was when he and the Big Show made the ring collapse at “Vengeance” in 2011. You can see a clip of that below:

Big Show and Mark Henry obliterate the ring: World Heavyweight Championship - WWE Vengeance 2011

USA Today spoke with Henry about this prestigious honor. Below are some highlights from the interview:

When did you get the call that you were going into the Hall of Fame?

It was a little while back. I was in Los Angeles with the powers that be… it was just an overwhelming feeling, you know? My face got hot. A couple of tears fell, and you felt like, instantly, all of the pain and torment that you put your body through, the sacrifices that you made – they were worth it. It paid it all off.

You then transitioned to the Sexual Chocolate character and were involved in a lot of angles that would be highly controversial today. Where did that idea come from?

You know what, today you couldn’t do that gimmick. You couldn’t do that on TV. But during that time it was perfect for me, because I was a clown.

People think that I was just Mark Henry, big tough guy, but comedy is one of things I love most in this world. I wanted to have fun, from sweet-talking girls in the crowd and writing poems, falling in love with Chyna and doing all the stupid, silly stuff I did with her, to falling in love with Mae Young and having the history that we ended up having. You couldn’t plot and plan a better situation for a character.

The people that I worked with, they helped make me. It wasn’t all ‘Mark Henry did this by myself.’ I owe a debt to all the people that I worked with because that’s what made me who I became.

What’s next for Mark Henry? What are some things you’d like to do in the future?

Roddy Piper and The Rock and Batista have set the standard for guys that go into acting, and already I’ve done a couple things. I’ve done a show, I’m on a cartoon on Disney [Pickle and Peanut], I’m doing voice acting. I just finished a show on HBO that should come out in June. I have a radio show on SiriusXM 93 on Mondays and Fridays.

I’m staying busy. I never in my career did appearances, like where you go and sign autographs and you do the comic-cons and all of that stuff, because I wanted when I stopped wrestling to go and do that stuff and have it really mean something to somebody, that it hadn’t been watered down. So I’m doing some of that stuff now. I’m really enjoying myself, I’m meeting a lot of people that I probably would have never gotten the opportunity to meet.

They also discuss various injuries, WrestleMania and more.

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