This is going to hurt. One of the most well done stories on “Monday Night Raw” over the last few months has been Alexa Bliss manipulating and using Nia Jax to save the Raw Women’s Title. This finally caught up with Bliss when she ran her mouth without realizing the microphone was on. Jax wasn’t happy and now she has a way to do something about it.

Never run your mouth in front of a camera.

Nia Jax snaps following Alexa Bliss’ cruel words: Raw, March 12, 2018

This week on “Monday Night Raw” General Manager Kurt Angle officially announced that Jax will receive a shot at the Raw Women’s Title at “Wrestlemania XXXIV”. Earlier in the night, Jax chased Bliss out of the arena so Bliss demanded that something be done, causing the match to be set up. The two have met before with Jax pinning Bliss in September 2017.

You can check out the “Raw” results here.

Opinion: This was an obvious one but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea. Bliss has been running her mouth for months now and it’s high time she gets what’s coming to her. I could go for her losing in very short order as Jax is in a position to squash her within a matter of seconds. It would make sense at this point and Jax has long since needed a big win just like this one.

It didn’t go well the first time.

Nia Jax vs. Alexa Bliss: Raw, Sept. 18, 2017

Are you interested in this match? Who should leave with the title? Let us know in the comments below.

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