Hopefully he doesn’t fade away. Last year at “Wrestlemania XXXIII”, the Hardys made their return to WWE for the first time in several years. The most asked question was what would be happening with the Broken Universe. After a long delay, the characters debuted a few months back, and tonight it was the grand culmination with the Ultimate Deletion. So who was deleted?

And so it begins.

Bray Wyatt enters The Hardy Compound - The Ultimate Deletion: Raw, March 19, 2017

In the match tonight, Matt Hardy defeated Bray Wyatt with a Twist of Fate after a distraction from Jeff Hardy, who made a very brief cameo. After the match, Wyatt was shoved into the Lake of Reincarnation but disappeared. With no body to be found, Matt declared that Wyatt had been deleted.

You can read tonight’s full results right here.

Opinion: This went about as well as you could have asked it to. The wrestling wasn’t the point as everything was about the violence and insanity. It wasn’t quite as over the top as the Impact Wrestling versions but that has to be expected in a promotion like WWE. Wyatt going away for a bit could be a good thing for him as he needs to recharge a bit.

It was a family affair.

Meet The Woken Family: Raw, March 19, 2018

Did you like the match? Would you like to see another one? Let us know in the comments below.

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