AEW superstar Jade Cargill was recently interviewed by Bleacher Report where she discussed a number of topics. Among them were transitioning from Basketball to Pro Wrestling, winning the TBS Championship, her dream opponent, and more.

Below are some highlights from the interview:

On transitioning from basketball to wrestling:

“I have a much later schedule now. I used to wake up probably around 5:30 in the morning, do some cardio and start my day,” she said. “But because now my training classes are later in the day, I wake up probably around 11 if I don’t have to drop my daughter off in the morning. Also, I do less cardio in the gym.

“I do more cardio in the ring. More than anything to be honest. I think wrestling training is the best type of cardio workout you could do. So I do everything when it comes to cardio in the ring right now unless I can’t get in the ring. Then I probably do a hit like a hit workout or something like that. I still lift weights the same.”

On winning the TBS Championship:

“I felt as though the belt was always made for me,” Cargill said. “I’m very blessed. I’m very thankful. I feel like now the work has just kind of started. I feel like it is an honor to hold the belt. I feel like it’s a privilege to hold a belt in general.

“So, is there a lot of weight on my shoulders? Yes, but I always rise to the occasion. And one thing I love is a challenge. And I’m very thankful that Tony Khan has trusted me that I’m going to kill it because I’m going to do that.”

On her dream opponent:

“I want to face everybody because everybody has different wrestling styles and I can use that to get better,” Cargill said. “However, the one person that everybody wants to wrestle, and that I want to wrestle, is Serena Deeb. I mean, she’s The Professor. I just think being in the ring with her is a privilege as it is and I want to work with her so bad. So whenever she’s ready, I’m ready.”

“I want to go for the world title,” she said. “But that’s gonna take time and right now, I’m just focused on just getting better in the ring, getting my time in, getting more comfortable and just opening up and being more of myself with my character. So that’s what I’m looking forward to right now.

“I’m really focused on myself. I’m looking forward to having better matches with my co-workers. I’m looking to work outside of AEW as well when that time comes. I’m looking forward to just being around.”

They also discuss how she got into the business, being a role model for her daughter, and more.


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