The Expedition of Gold Begins For The Hardys | IMPACT Feb. 9th, 2017

President of GFW, Ed Norholm, was recently interviewed by Sports Illustrated as a part of their “Extra Mustard” series. He gives his side of the story, with regards to the ongoing legal battle between GFW and WWE with regards to the rights of the “Broken Hardy” gimmick that made Matt and Jeff so popular. Below are some questions, along with Norholm’s answers:

SI: Given the recent negative publicity toward GFW/Impact, most notably an indefinite suspension of your world champion, would Anthem be best served by coming to terms with the Hardys over the Broken Universe intellectual property?

Nordholm: No. I don’t see how they’re related at all.

SI: You have stated that the WWE is not interested in the “Broken Universe” gimmick, yet the only public correspondence from the WWE regarding the subject was an email that you released that explained WWE was not interested in “getting involved.” The WWE rep never stated the company would refuse to use the “Broken” storyline if given the opportunity. That contradicts your assertion that WWE is not interested in the gimmick. Could you clarify your statement on the matter?

Nordholm: I don’t think there is anything more to say beyond the email. We asked whether they were interested in negotiating for it, and they told us they have no interest.

SI: Sports Illustrated reported that both the Hardys and Anthem were close to an agreement that would have sold the “Broken Universe” intellectual property for somewhere between $10-15,000, but it fell apart when Anthem reportedly increased its financial demands from the Hardys. Sources have reported that the plan from Anthem and Jeff Jarrett was to purposely draw out the process. Was there ever a deal in place, and, if so, what prevented it from completion?

Nordholm: What prevented it from completion is that we’ve never come to terms. I have made numerous efforts, going back to February and the time of the cease and desist letter [to Ring of Honor for advertising the “Broken” Hardys for their 15th Anniversary pay per view] to make an arrangement with Matt Hardy to use the gimmick. Every time we have those conversations, they sort of start warm then end up not coming to fruition due to an inability to come to an agreement as to what basis I would confer those rates on him.

They talk about The Hardys departure from TNA/GFW, other superstars that have left the company and are now with WWE and more.

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