AEW World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho was recently interviewed by the New York Post, in order to promote the upcoming “Revolution” pay-per-view this weekend. He discussed a number of topics, including if he could have headlined in WCW, when he knew he had become a main-event superstar, his role in AEW, why AEW is a different product and more.

Below are some highlights from the interview:

On if he could have headlined in WCW:

“Could I have done more in WCW in a headlining position? Would I have been good? I don’t know. In my mind I’d be great,” Jericho told The Post. “The first time I was put in a headlining position in WWF, I wasn’t ready, and in WCW, it was a couple years earlier. So maybe I wasn’t ready.

On the moment when he knew he had arrived:

“And as the career goes forward, I can tell you the exact moment when I knew I had become a legit, headlining, main-event guy and the exact moment where I became the top guy, which was in New Japan Jan. 4, 2018 [versus Kenny Omega at Wrestle Kingdom], which led to [me] being the top guy here in AEW.”

On his role in AEW:

“When you’re the top guy, you don’t hide and stop others from getting in there because then it just becomes stale and it dies. Your job as the top guy is to help everyone else up on top of the mountain so that there are 15 top guys and everybody is making money and everyone’s having a great time, people are enjoying the show and the product.”

On his feud with Jon Moxley:

“This is not the guy formally known as Dean Ambrose, this is a completely different person, a new character, performer,” Jericho said. “He’s totally different, not even the same guy. And that to me is another feather in our cap because it shows the creative freedom that you have in AEW that allows you to live and breathe and be what you know you can be.”

“I knew he’d be good,” Jericho said. “I didn’t expect him to just become this amazing. I say that with the utmost of respect. I don’t think anybody, including Mox, would have been able to predict that.”

He also discusses the fans singing his “Judas” theme song, “Dynamite” doing so well in the ratings and more.

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