NBC Sports recently sat down with World Champion AJ Styles to promote “Survivor Series” this weekend on the WWE Network. “The Phenomenal One” had some interesting things to say about a number of topics.

There’s no doubt that Styles’ rise to the top of WWE has been a shock to many casual fans who had never heard of his accomplishments. However, the champion himself was  just as shocked as any of them.

“I don’t think anybody could fathom, nor did I, that I would be the world champion in nine months of coming to the WWE,” Styles told NBC Sports. “That’s huge and it’s a great opportunity for me and it’s a blessing all in the same.”

“I think it really took more than a week to set in, like wow, I’m the WWE world champion.”

(Photo Courtesy of WWE.com)

Styles has had the opportunity to compete all around the world. Throughout his career, he has wrestled in many promotions, including New Japan Pro Wrestling, TNA, ROH and others.

“It gave me the opportunity to wrestle a lot of different guys, which is a good thing. You want to be able to adapt to anyone you get in the ring with. Whether it be lucha style or strong style or whatever, you want to be able to adapt.”

Many fans wondered if he would be able to adapt to the WWE style of wrestling upon his arrival.

“It’s been easy,” Styles said. “Every guy that I’ve worked here in the WWE has been great. I think they understand that it’s not about them, it’s not about me, it’s about the match and about making sure that people enjoy what they’re seeing because if we work together and put on a good product, we’ll keep those fans.”

When Styles first arrived in the company, he was an immediate babyface, and a huge hit with the fans. However, when John Cena made his full time return to the company after sustaining an injury, “The Phenomenal One” was quick to attack “the face that runs the place,” establishing himself as a heel.

Styles was quick to say that he is more comfortable in this role.

“It was perfect for what I needed to do,” Styles continued. “It was easier because I think everyone that’s been a great babyface, aside from John Cena, has been a heel at one point. I think being a better heel, a better bad guy, makes you a better babyface in the long run.”

Do you think that Styles is adapting to the WWE style nicely? Is he better suited as a heel or a face? Leave us a comment below, or comment on our Facebook page!



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