It is always unfortunate when you hear of illness, regardess of who they are. Even worse when they begin to muse about the end of their life. It looks like one wrestling legend is heading that way.

Big Van Vader took to Twitter on Valentine’s Day and mentioned that he was entering his final days, and stating that he was grateful for the time he has had. In 2016, Vader stated that two separate heart doctors had stated that he had less than two years to live and that his heart was wearing out from congestive heart failure.

While in December of last year, Vader stated that he had received a better prognosis from a fourth cardiologist, given his grim tweets in the last day, it appears that that report has sadly fallen through. Mick Foley, knowing of the health condition, has tried to petition for Vader to enter this years Hall of Fame class so as to not do so posthumously, but its efficacy is yet unknown.

In spite of this post, Vader has posted no updated time line on his death beyond what was already mentioned. We have no clue when this will happen, but our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.


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