The first-ever WWE Battleground PPV, which will be broadcasting live from the First Niagara Center in Buffalo, New York, is a little over a day away.

The staff here at Wrestling Rumors is set to give you their final picks for each and every match that’s been scheduled for the event.

Bragging rights are on the line, as each writer here at the site believes they have the wrestling know-it-all to pick the most matches correctly.



Doug McDonald (Senior Editor), Will Benson (Features Editor & Webmaster), Jon Alba (Opinions, News & Features), Frank Manzo (Opinions, News & Features), Christopher Walder (News & Features) and Alex Besong (News & Features). 


Here are the final results from the WWE’s previous PPV, WWE Night of Champions:

Wrestling Rumors’ Staff Pick Rankings (WWE Night of Champions)

7 out of 8 correct – Christopher Walder (@WalderSports) and Alex Besong (@GlassModeAlb)

6 out of 8 correct – Will Benson  (@TheRealWB)

5 out of 8 correct – Jon Alba (@JonAlbaSFC) and Frank Manzo (@FManzo3)

3 out of 8 correct – Doug McDonald (@DougOMac)


Here are the current standings for the Wrestling Rumors’ staff after three PPV’s

Wrestling Rumors’ Staff Prediction Current Standings 

19 out of 24 – Alex Besong (@GlassModeAlb)

17 out of 24 – Christopher Walder (@WalderSports)

16 out of 24 – Jon Alba (@JonAlbaSFC) and Frank Manzo (@FManzo3)

12 out of 24 – Doug McDonald (@DougOMac) and Will Benson  (@TheRealWB)


At Battleground, who will emerge at the end of the night with the vacant WWE Championship? Will CM Punk get his revenge on Paul Heyman and Ryback? Will Cody Rhodes and Goldust regain their jobs against The Shield?

Let’s find out.

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