Bill Kline

  • Top 10 Monday Night Raw Moments from 12/21/15

    10) Alberto Del Rio’s Stomp Finisher – In a match bereft of surprise, the one thing fans can count on is that vicious top-rope chest stop from Mexico’s Greatest Export,...

    FeaturesDecember 22, 2015
  • Randy Orton versus Superman (VIDEO)

    SuperstarsOctober 24, 2015
  • WR Exclusive: Al Snow Opens UK Wrestling Academy, Talks Wrestling Psychology

    Since leaving the WWE, he has been a producer, made occasional appearances on TNA and worked independent shows across the globe. Let’s not forget his stint on Tough Enough, which...

    NewsOctober 24, 2015
  • The Rock Promotes His Upcoming Disney Film

    Update on Ronda Rousey Appearing in WWE

    UFC Champion Ronda Rousey has demonstrated some indecisiveness as to if and/or when she will return for a second WWE appearance after she debuted with The Rock at last year’s...

    NewsOctober 24, 2015
  • Batista Says He Wants to Return Only to Work WWE Live Events

    Bautista vs. Bond…James Bond

    Columbia Pictures released a new trailer depicting former WWE Champion Dave Bautista in a fight scene against Craig…Daniel Craig. Check out the footage from the new “007: Spectre” movie below....

    VideosOctober 24, 2015
  • Update on Man Shot Outside of WWE Performance Center

    WWE Network to Air New Show: Breaking Ground

    The WWE Network will premiere a new show set to air on October 26 in its regular time slot immediately following next Monday’s “RAW.” The show, “Breaking Ground,” will step inside the...

    NewsOctober 24, 2015
  • Luke Harper Cast in Upcoming Horror Movie

    Update on Luke Harper’s “Hell in a Cell” Appearance

    NewsOctober 24, 2015
  • Jesse Ventura Discusses Donald Trump, Similarities Between Politicians & Wrestlers

    Jesse Ventura Shoots on Hogan

    Jesse “The Body” Ventura didn’t have a mic, wasn’t in a ring or cutting a promo, so his recent words about Hulk Hogan’s recent travails technically fail to qualify as...

    NewsOctober 24, 2015
  • Brodus Clay on the Funkasaurus Gimmick in WWE

    Former WWE wrestler Brodus Clay spoke bluntly about the “Funkasaurus” gimmick when he arrived to the WWE, calling it “career suicide.” It appears that Clay had the same reaction that most...

    NewsOctober 24, 2015
  • A.J. Styles Not Ruling Out NXT Run

    The WWE fans want him. The WWE seems to more and more interested. So where does A.J. Styles stand on making a debut in NXT? Styles recently appeared on The...

    NewsOctober 24, 2015