Former WWE Superstar and actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was recently interviewed by Chris Van Vilet of CBS-19 in Cleveland, Ohio. Rock spoke about a number of topics, including Sting possibly appearing for WWE, a possible return to WWE and many others.

When asked if he thinks Sting will ever be in WWE, the eight-time WWE Champion said the following:

“I do, yeah, and I know a guy or two so we’ll just put it like that. I do think he’s going to come back, and I think it’s going to be great.”

“Rocky” was also asked, “If [you] were to return to WWE, will it be for one match or a series of matches?” Rock echoed previous words about his past plans for WrestleMania 30.

“It’s all of the above. The one match three or four years ago that I started talking about with Vince then turned into a three year run, so who knows? I would love to go back and figure it out. After last year’s WrestleMania, the idea was I was going to set up a great match with myself and Brock Lesnar, but then I got hurt so that plan got cancelled. He is now in plans to do something with ba-da-da-da which I’m not going to say [laughs,] but it should be a cool match. So, whenever I do go back, if it is a match, it’s just got to be right in terms of who is the marquee value player that really makes sense, and at that time when I went back John Cena was the number one guy in the world so we have to see.”

Vilet also inquired about Rock’s WrestleMania XXX appearance, and how it was kept a secret:

“By me not posting anything [laughs.] I came in literally hours before, and it’s one of those things where it was a very last minute decision. It was an amazing night, and there’s no greater feeling as a performer than that connection with an audience.”

Finally, Rock discussed a potential showdown between he and his cousin, Roman Reigns:

“I don’t know if that match makes sense now because he’s not their top heel right now. So, you would look at that unless I went in as a heel, and he was a babyface.”

Watch the full interview below:


Editor’s Note

It definitely seems that Rock is teasing us about a run in WWE around 2015. He seems to be in the know about things with the current product, Brock Lesnar in particular.

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