As we previously reported, during WWE’s tour of Japan, KENTA officially signed his WWE contract. During a live event in Osaka, in the squared circle, KENTA penned his name on a WWE contract as Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart watched from the ring. A huge reason for WWE brining in KENTA is the impact his arrival in WWE can have on the relationship between Japan and the company.

On Thursday, July 17, posted an article with input from various talent in regards to KENTA’s arrival in WWE. In addition to WWE COO Triple H, three of KENTA’s former foes talked about his signing: Seth Rollins, Daniel Bryan and Cesaro.

Below are some of the highlights from each star’s insights:

Triple H:

“I’ve known about Kenta for years. He’s one of the biggest stars in Japan. He’s a huge talent, obviously. I’m excited for him to try to bring his brand of sports-entertainment to WWE and see how he does.”

“No, no, I was absolutely familiar with him. It’s funny, because WWE is a different world. You’ll hear players all the time talk about making the switch from college football to the NFL and the difference in the game. I think it’s the same when you come to WWE. I don’t care where you’ve been or how big you’ve been anyplace else. When you get here, it’s a whole different world. There’s no ceiling for anybody in WWE. You just have to come here and prove that you belong to be in the ring with the best in the world. If you can hang with them, that’s exactly where you’ll be. Kenta has all the tools to be able to do it — he’s proven that for years in Japan. Now let’s see what he can do in NXT. Adapt or perish.”

Daniel Bryan:

“He has the ability to be a highflier and do all of that kind of stuff, but he was vicious as opposed to flashy. If you look at a lot of popular WWE moves, Kenta originated them. The Go To Sleep is a Kenta original. The running knee that I do is a Kenta original that I learned from being hit with it from Kenta [laughs]. He’s somebody who hits very hard and very fast. He’s just one of the most exciting wrestlers in the world.”

Seth Rollins:

“The sky’s the limit for him. He’s got unlimited potential based on his skill set. He’s not the prototypical WWE Superstar. He’s not Hulk Hogan and he’s not John Cena, but he has a certain charisma about him that’s completely different than what anybody else has in the company right now. He’s got an opportunity to bring a different style to the game in an era when MMA is very prominent. Guys his size who hit as hard as he does are very popular and can connect with an audience.”

“It’s been quite some time since WWE has really went out of its way to sign an established Japanese star. If you look at his resume, not just in Japan, but worldwide, it’s a coup for the company. He’s a legitimate, bona fide global wrestling phenomenon, and I’m looking forward to having him on the roster.”


“The first time I saw him was a Kenta vs. [Naomichi] Marufuji match that had everyone talking in 2004. It was described as this awesome, great match, and when I finally saw a video, it was true. They did things that I’d never seen before. It was likened to Tiger Mask vs. Dynamite Kid.”

Additionally, when Cesaro was asked who he would like to see KENTA face in WWE, Paul Heyman took that question on behalf of his client:

“I’d like to answer that question please. On behalf of my client, I wish for my client to not endorse any other specific talents here in WWE. Your organization has taken advantage of my client’s willingness to discuss other people and their attributes. You have exploited this to no end, and my contempt, disgust and disdain. The most qualified opponent for Kenta is Cesaro, and I say that only because this interview is being conducted in Japan. Bluntly, Cesaro is no one’s opponent. Kenta would be Cesaro’s opponent. Please cease and desist any further questioning of my client involving others besides his talents specifically or his opinion on this extraordinary talent that WWE had the good sense to sign.”

Be sure to read the entire piece, here.

Editor’s Note

This is a very good piece with some good insight from those who have worked with KENTA. It’s interesting that Paul Heyman fielded a question for Cesaro. The two were not paired on the July 14 edition of “Monday Night Raw” due to Brock Lesnar and his impending return.

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