Eight months ago, the “Rusev Day” gimmick was created on SmackDown Live and has become the hottest gimmick on WWE programming. The gimmick has gotten Rusev and Aiden English over huge with the WWE Universe. He’s been getting one of the strongest babyface reactions in the company for several months despite being booked as a heel.

It’s been reported that WWE officials don’t see the Rusev Day team as more than a mid-level tag team at best. Obviously, the WWE Universe disagrees. That should be enough to get them a more significant push. However, WWE is focused on using the gimmick to get Lana over and it seems they’re trying to dissuade fans from cheering for Rusev Day.

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According to a new report from the Wrestling Observer, Aiden English being struck in the throat caused him to stop singing and start introducing Rusev with rap. However, it’s also being rumored that WWE officials want to stop the crowd from anticipating the Rusev Day and not allowing English to sing could kill fans’ interest in the gimmick.

On paper, that doesn’t make sense because WWE officials are trying to use Rusev Day to push The Ravishing Russian. It’s interesting that the company doesn’t want to capitalize on the gimmick’s popularity because it wasn’t supposed to be this over. From the fans’ perspective, it makes the gimmick more endearing because WWE officials don’t want it.

A lot of fans believe Rusev deserves to be in the WWE Title picture:

Rusev & Aiden English Entrance (MONSTER POP) - SmackDown: Dec 26. 2017 (HD)

Some wrestling fans love to go against the grain. WWE officials giving them a reason to get more behind Rusev Day doesn’t seem like the best way to “kill” the gimmick. There’s a lot of confusion around the gimmick’s booking, but it’s up to the WWE Universe to make sure Rusev Day doesn’t fade away.

Do you believe WWE officials aren’t being fair to the Rusev Day team?



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