Today, Jim Ross updated the Q&A section of JR answered several interesting questions about a variety of topics, including his association with Bill Apter, his thoughts on Lucha Underground, Shelton Benjamin in WWE, Jim Cornette in the WWE Hall of Fame and his thoughts on the Dudley Boyz return to WWE over the last couple of months. Below are some of the highlights of his answers, and the full section is right here.

“JR, I’ve been reading Bill Apter’s new book and it he names some of his longtime sources for is magazine information/gossip and names you as his ‘go-to’ guy in Mid South. In fact, Apter says you often gave him too much information and that made it awkward when he’d get the Big Cowboy on the phone instead of you. Did you feel like you were breaking any confidentiality being an inside source for the magazines?”

Well, that’s Bill’s rendition of the story. He’d call and we would try to cooperate with him. I assumed that he knew what NOT to go with and what TO go with. We had to beg to bet one cover from PWI back in the day. Nonetheless Bill has written an interesting book. I hope fans buy it. So, no I did not break any confidentiality and it wasn’t for the magazines it was only for Apter.

What are JR’s thoughts on Lucha Underground? 

I’m a fan of Lucha Underground and hope they are successful. It would be a fun product to broadcast. Not sure what the future holds for them.

Why didn’t Shelton Benjamin become WWE Champion during his time with the company?

I’d guess it was because we were never able to tap into Sheldon’s charisma because he was an amazing athlete.

Will Jim Cornette be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame?

I have no way of validating that rumor but I will say that Jim Cornette is a legit HOFer in any Hall of Fame.  I have no idea who would induct JC. That would be his call.

Have The Dudley Boyz been overused since returning to WWE?

I happen to like how the Dudley’s are being utilized. Building up the tag team scene in WWE is totally up to mgmt. They can do whatever they choose.


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