Karl “Machine Gun” Anderson posted the following on Twitter yesterday:


Anderson’s picture of The Bullet Club has created a lot more speculation that some form of The Bullet Club is coming to WWE. Recently, WWE trademarked the term “Balor Club”.

Nothing has been formally announced, but it seems that Karl Anderson’s tweet could be a confirmation of WWE’s plans for all the talent from New Japan Pro Wrestling that is coming over to WWE.

For example, AJ Styles was taken down as the leader of the group before he left NJPW. The rumors have him debuting as early as the “Royal Rumble” or the next night on Monday Night Raw. Either way, he appears headed for the main roster and won’t be in NXT.

The plans for Anderson and Doc Gallows are for them to appear in NXT. By all indications, WWE is planning for Finn Balor to relaunch a new group in NXT called the “Balor Club” with former Bullet Club members Anderson and Gallows. There could be other members, but the NXT roster is smaller, and a three man group is probably sufficient.

The main roster is also very heavy with groups right now. Is it possible that Styles will debut with Anderson and Gallows behind him and establish a new “Bullet Club” in WWE? There are a lot of possibilities, but something big is coming for these talents.


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