Last night at Wrestlemania 32, The Undertaker defeated Shane McMahon inside (and outside) the Hell in a Cell. The match was slow and brutal. In the end, it was a leap of faith from Shane that was the difference.

As per all the stipulations of the match, Shane McMahon will not be gaining control of Monday Night Raw after failing to defeat The Deadman and The Undertaker will not be forced to retire after last night’s match.

However, there are some claims that The Undertaker may still retire after winning last night’s match.

According to, there has been a lot of speculation backstage that Undertaker will be retiring after Wrestlemania 32 and that may have always been the plan.

Since the event took place in Dallas, Texas, he had a lot of friends and family in attendance for the match and that him taking off his gloves after the match had some kind of symbolic meaning.

Of course, this is all speculation, and unless something happens with The Undertaker tonight on Monday Night Raw to confirm or disconfirm the rumor, we could be left to speculate for a long time because The Deadman may not come around again until it’s time to begin next year’s Wrestlemania match.

Do you want to see The Undertaker get twenty-five wins at Wrestlemania?


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