At Wrestlemania 32, The Rock would find himself in a head to head collision with The Wyatt Family that led to a great exchange on the microphone between The Great One and The Eater of Worlds, but it also led to an impromptu match between Erick Rowan and The Rock that the latter won in only six seconds.

However, The Wyatts were going to make an example out of The Rock and “dismantle” him, but the return of John Cena thwarted their plans and then Rock and Cena teamed up to hold them off for a Wrestlemania moment.

Where was Bray Wyatt’s Wrestlemania moment? What about any of the Wyatt Family members? Why is it The Wyatt Family is by far the most dominant stable in WWE, but they were left off the card and then were utilized to put over the return of John Cena and The Rock? Is that how you should treat the top group in WWE?

Personally, I think the dynamic of The New Day vs. The Wyatts would be very entertaining to watch. The silent brutality of the Wyatt Family versus the shenanigans of The New Day could have made for a great match last night.

The League of Nations could have filled the heel role for The Rock in that segment and maybe WWE could have combined that with the surprise return of Mick Foley, Shawn Michaels, and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

If John Cena is medically cleared, it would have been pretty fun to watch him win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Nothing against Baron Corbin, I love that he won that match.

I’m just saying that consistently booking The Wyatt Family like this is getting to be a little bit much. Bray Wyatt is developing a reputation as a top heel that is good enough to face Cena or Undertaker at Wrestlemania, but he’s not good enough to win. That’s disheartening because his booking is really starting to hurt him.

I’ve defended WWE’s booking of him for a couple of years now, but he’s going to have to get some big wins eventually, and I just don’t see how one of his “monsters” losing to The Rock in six seconds or the entire stable being used to put over a guy who won’t be here for the rest of the year is helping them.

Of course, it was fun, and it was Wrestlemania. I’m just saying that it’s time for Bray Wyatt to get a major win soon. He deserves it, and it’s time he got a real shot at becoming a top heel in the company.

Do you think The Wyatt Family deserves better?


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