Eva Marie isn’t going to be winning any popularity or most talented contests, but her ability to elicit a reaction from the WWE Universe is the one skill she has that will be her saving grace.

However, she hasn’t been featured on WWE television or NXT programming since shortly after Wrestlemania 32, so there is a lot of speculation about what’s next for “The Red Queen” of WWE.

It was previously revealed that Emma’s injury caused WWE officials to figure out a new plan for Dana Brooke on the main roster.

Although Eva Marie was a top choice for her partner, they ultimately went with the current WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte for obvious reasons.

Now, it is being reported by RingTalkk.com that Eva Marie is now waiting for something to do on the main roster, since WWE technically called up back up to the main roster for a match at Wrestlemania 32.

The WWE Draft and brand split are coming up, so there could be an opportunity for Eva Marie to get more time on WWE television.

The question is since the Women’s division is rumored to be featured on both Raw and SmackDown, how will Eva get a chance if things are exactly the same as they are right now?

Do you think Eva Marie deserves an opportunity on Raw or SmackDown?


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