As as now, the match between Roman Reigns vs. Triple H is a standard singles match at Wrestlemania. That would be fine if WWE

That would be fine if WWE did their usual buildup of having Reigns and The Game almost never get involved with one another. However, they’ve been tearing each other limb from limb every chance they’ve gotten, which has forced the feud to be very intense.

The buildup between them has been brutal and intense. They’ve essentially been killing to destroy each other, so WWE’s way of providing an appropriate climax to the feud in the main event of Wrestlemania is to have them fight for all the marbles in a standard match?

In my opinion, WWE isn’t doing themselves any favors with that booking. Sure, Triple H could cheat and maybe weapons and brutality will distract from the story in the ring, but I think it would just tell a different story. Also, they would have the tools necessary to tell a better story.

The risk of Reigns getting booed out of the building is already a legitimate concern. Even if there is no truth to it, there is a rumor about Vince McMahon wanting to change the main event match to Ambrose vs. Lesnar for that exact reason.

The point is that the build has been too intense and too brutal for Triple H and Roman Reigns to simply have a singles match with no stipulation.

No matter how great the in ring work is, the Wrestlemania crowd will likely boo Reigns and cheer Triple H. A singles match is not only anticlimactic based on how intense their feud has been, but it’s not going to help Reigns get over.

Proving he can beat Triple H at his own game may do a lot more.

Do you think Reigns vs. Triple H should be a no disqualification match?


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