WWE Legend “Superstar” Billy Graham was scheduled to attend Wrestlemania Axxess signings, but now those responsibilities have fallen to Mick Foley.

Graham had to forfeit the spot due to a very serious health issue that he detailed in an extensive email to Triple H that you can read in full below:

“Triple H, I will keep this email as brief and direct as I can. I have a potential life and death problem. One week ago I was in the gym training. I was doing some simple free squats on a bench and I broke in half a bone graft that is some 10 years old. The bone started migrating upward and is trying to exit my thigh next to my left hip joint, extremely painful as you can imagine. I immediately drove myself to the wold famous Mayo Clinic Hospital here in Phoenix where I had my liver transplant on October 18th, 2002.

I saw the top Orthopedic surgeon at the Mayo, Dr. Mark Spangehl who is a hip replacement specialist. He x-rayed my left hip and saw that the broken bone had moved upward about 4 inches from its original placement. He also saw on the x-ray that the cup that holds the head of the femur has begun to rotate and I am at risk of a dislocation. I have attached a photo of an x-ray of a total left hip replacement similar to mine for your reference, only my hip replacement is much more complicated than the one attached. This is the hip replacement surgery that Vince had video taped back in 1986 and put it on the WWF programing.

The reason this is a potential life or death surgery that I must have is because I am a diabetic. I have high blood sugar and am taking medication to control it but my numbers are still way to high . Dr. Spangehl told me with the high numbers of my diabetes I am at risk of infection. He said if I get an infection after this upcoming surgery he will have to go in and cut the infection out. If I am still infected he will have to go back in and cut more infected muscle out. The 3rd time he said to save my life he would have to amputate my left leg at the hip.

I am on crutches and the doctor will not let me travel. So I am obviously going to miss this years Wrestlemania. I am very sorry about this of course, especially because of the fan axxess event and all of my fans who will not get the chance to meet me now. If there is anything I can do like sign autographs here and then send them back to the WWE office for the axxess fans who have bought tickets I would be more than happy to do that. I just feel horrible about this but there is nothing I can do. With great respect, Superstar.”

Source: Facebook.com

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