On Monday Night Raw, Neville injured his ankle and will be out of action for the next two to three months.

All of that information came out after the match. It was the immediate altercation between referee Charles Robinson and Chris Jericho that ended the match that got people talking.

According to Wrestlezone.com, the ending of the make and the disqualification finish was improvised by Jericho and Robinson.

Apparently, Jericho told Robinson that the match ending was changing, but Y2J was still going to win. Rather than force Neville to go through more of the match, Jericho wanted it to end with a rollup.

However, Robinson has been trained to call the match fairly as if things were normal and he called the rest of the match as a shoot. During the rollup, Robinson saw Neville’s shoulder up and stopped the count to continue the match.

Jericho than altered the plan and got right into Robinson’s face, pushed him, and told him to disqualify him. Then the match moved onto the finish, but the two weren’t done yelling at one another.

The entire situation was called “an awkward situation”, but it appeared to get better backstage after all the men went back through the curtain.

Did you notice the real heat between Jericho and Robinson?


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