The current run that Dean Ambrose is on is fantastic. He’s performing at a very high level at the perfect time of the year.

His loyalty from the fans has been consistent ever since the end of The Shield. On the Road to Wrestlemania 32, he’s main evented events, lost big matches, lost the Intercontinental Championship, but he hasn’t missed a single beat. He’s red-hot right now.

Now, Ambrose is on his way to Wrestlemania, and he’s got a big money match against Brock Lesnar in a “No Holds Barred” match. The Lunatic Fringe vs. The Beast Incarnate may end up stealing the show and being the best match that everyone remembers Wrestlemania 32 for.

However, win or lose, WWE must capitalize on Dean Ambrose’s momentum after Mania and place him on the card where he deserves to be placed.

According to, that is exactly what WWE is going to do with Ambrose. The rumor is claiming that WWE is planning for Ambrose to be “somewhere” in the WWE title picture after Wrestlemania.

If he’s not going to be in the main event for the WWE Championship, he’ll be in a big match on the card to keep his momentum.

On paper, if Ambrose can keep his momentum going, there is no reason he shouldn’t be in the WWE Championship match come Summerslam.

Do you want to see Dean Ambrose become the WWE Champion in 2016?


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