Despite a count out win over Braun Strowman on Raw, Jinder Mahal has been relegated to the midcard and it seems his run as a WWE main event player is over. A lot of people believe WWE’s failure to successfully expand into India has to led to the end of Mahal’s push, but DirtySheets is reporting it’s actually Jinder’s failure in the Roman Reigns feud.

Following the feud with Roman Reigns, WWE officials held Jinder Mahal responsible for its reception from the WWE Universe. His descent into the midcard is because the feud with Roman showed WWE officials that he hasn’t become a strong enough opponent in the eyes of the fans and Mahal has failed to establish himself as a major player in WWE.

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It’s not all Jinder’s fault because his WWE Title reign ended abruptly because AJ Styles was believed to be the stronger opponent for Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series. He also wasn’t given a lengthy run with the US Title to bounce back, so his position with WWE just dropped to its current place. In hindsight, the real issue is Mahal’s momentum was unsustainable due to his rapid push into the main event and WWE Title win last year.

It’s unclear if Jinder’s victory on Raw over Strowman will lead to anything:

Braun Strowman vs. Jinder Mahal: Raw, July 30, 2018

Some fans could blame Roman Reigns for Jinder Mahal’s current predicament given the endless push WWE officials have given him. They’ll see Jinder’s decent as a casualty of that push, but there are a lot of factors that have put “The Modern Day Maharaja” into his midcard spot. The good news is he’s going to have plenty of chances in the future.

Do you believe Jinder Mahal deserves another chance to be a main event player?


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