Despite the fact that television is less reliant on cable networks, WWE continues to rely on those networks to air Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live. A lot of people don’t understand why when the company has the WWE Network available to air its content.

Not only that, but WWE officials are willing to make all kinds of changes to the product and even change the work schedule for the roster to make the FOX deal work. However, there’s a logical reason why the company continues to rely on cable networks to air Raw and SmackDown Live.

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According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE wants to go with FOX over other streaming services is because traditional television is still better for creating new fans and keeping old ones. Apparently, nearly half of SmackDown Live’s audience is over the age of fifty. There’s concern that demographic would lose touch if WWE programming was streamed.

Another reason is the FOX Network has promised to heavily promote WWE on its other sports broadcasts. The plan is to have Thursday Night Football, SmackDown on Friday, and College Football games on Saturday. WWE officials are thrilled about WWE being advertised during NFL games and it’s expected to help the company grow exponentially.

WWE officials could already be making moves to end the brand split before next year:

Raw and SmackDown LIVE Superstars unite to bring you "The Best of Both Worlds" on WWE Network

A report from Rajah claims that FOX also tried to purchase Raw as well. However, USA Network has the right to match whatever offer comes in from other networks. Losing SmackDown Live will still be a hit, but losing Raw to FOX would have been a major hit.

Would you rather see Raw and SmackDown Live on the WWE Network or on cable TV?



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